About Us

Welcome to March Animal Foundation, is a non-profit organization dedicated to save homeless animal, give education, and donate for pet that needs medical treatment in clinic. Our motto is “work with love for animal God’s creature”. It started by hoping of the founder Dr. Wywy Goulda March as a practicioner, to introduce vet profession as a close profession to society up to remote areas. All this time, veterinarian is known as a rare profession and only for high financial owner. Beside that, so many pet are displaced on the street, and get animal cruelty from people with no good education. It is therefore, our foundation do close approach to resolve this problems.This foundation get full support from many vets as volunteers, not only private practicioners but also vet from animal husbandry department. They have same vision and mission with us to improve vet profession to society with charity action.

Hope all animal surround us will get decent living opportunity, which become our duties and obligations to conserve and keep animal being as God’s creatures.

Best Regard,
March Animal Foundation